About Me

So basically I’m just a guy who’s been really into BBQ for a while now and I’ve been working to get better all the time. I really started getting into it after taking a class on making ribs back around 2005 and have been trying to learn whatever I can since.

The one problem with doing BBQ is that (well at least for me) you are cooking large hunks of meat which takes a long time for 3 people to consume and if I want to do it more often I need to start selling it to others. But to sell to others you want to have a bigger smoker so you can make more. It kind of spirals from there.

So this blog is just a way for me to kind of journal what I’m doing with trying to start up my weekend pop up BBQ business. While I’m not looking to “grow” a following on here, I feel like if I make it public I can maybe hold myself a bit more accountable with it.

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If you want to hit me up you can reach out to me via the social links below as comments are basically all spam in this day and age.