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December 27th, 2009 | Posted by ripsup in BBQ | Fireworks | Misc | Tech - (0 Comments)

Well, a new year is coming and I’ve been slacking.

Had a post I wrote last year in January still sitting as a draft and will probably put it up this January.

Overall getting ready to build the smoker i have been wanting to.  Got a nice 1/4 inch steel tube that will be perfect for the main portion.  Still looking for a for the burner portion but that will come.  As well going to pick up an Arduino to help regulate the temp with fans.  Hopefully that will be finished up this summer for some fun times.  If I get that running well then it will probably be time to take a Competition class so I can learn get prepared for giving that a shot, but we will see.

On the Fireworks front, hoping to pick up some nice things this year and finish up some nice racks with the tubes I got last year.  As well will probably use the Arduino on a project related to the firing side of all that.  We will see though.  My mom saw some fireworks related Christmas decorations that she would like to get/have me make.  Being that the ones I found online were pretty expensive I thought why not give trying to make some a shot.  Again the Arduino will come in handy for this.  :)  Will need to find some cheap lights in these after Christmas sale to play with.  Have some other interesting ideas in relation to this as well but those will have to wait for next year.

So what’s getting me back into writing about this?  Well been doing some more social networking for work stuff and getting inspired by those blogging peeps to actually try to keep up with some sort of schedule, even if it’s bi-weekly.  While writing about what I’m doing is always still going to be the main focus, I plan to try and keep my ear to the ground and at least comment on other things going on with both BBQ and fireworks.

As well I plan to talk about some local breweries that are springing up all over Northwest Indiana.  Brews are definitely something that go hand in hand with BBQ.

I will be writing a few articles up about some other local Social Media peeps that have gotten me back interested.

As well from a conversation I had on twitter with a few peeps, I picked up @bbqtweetup and because I think actually having meetups to share and talk about BBQ would be great. While others wanted to have one this January, I’m not sure if I’m ready for that quite yet but next January I think it will be one.  I’m shooting for first one this summer, hopefully with the new smoker completed.

Well here is to a more productive next year.  :)

Wow and hopefully more soon :)

August 14th, 2008 | Posted by ripsup in Misc - (0 Comments)

I’m amazed that 2 different real people, what atleast looks to be not direct spam :) , found the site when I haven’t even started using it yet or even posting about it anywhere.

Unfortunately it’s been a crazy summer so I haven’t been able to put the time towards this I had hoped to.  Still haven’t even changed out the default template yet.  :)

On a positive note I made som Pulled Pork this weekend that turned out pretty good, decent smoke ring on though I didn’t have time to let the rub really sit on it before cooking though the outside was still quite tasty.  I wish I took some pics of it but eating was all that was on my mind when it finally was done so it was demolished pretty quickly.  I have some left over that I plan to throw in a Brunswick stew that I love making.  I’ll have to put my recipe for that out here in the future.

Also need to get back to work on my smoker ideas but those are probably still farther off till I have some time to really lay out the end goals with that.

Well, hope to have more soon.