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My Simple BBQ Rub

May 4th, 2012 | Posted by ripsup in BBQ | Recipes

When I first started playing with rubs for my pork butts I usually just threw a bunch of stuff together till it felt right. I had someone ask for my recipe and I really had no clue so this last time I decided to measure things while I made it. This is what the recipe is for right now, I may make some more tweaks so consider this a living recipe. When I first made this I did a double recipe and it covered a 10 lb brisket and 9lb butt and had about 1 cup to spare. You can make a bunch at once and store in an air tight container for up to 6 months if you like.

The Works Simple Rub
1 cups Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Sea Salt (though any should work)
1/8 cup cayenne pepper
1/8 cup Cajun seasoning
1/16 cup Southwest Chipolte spice mix*
1/16 cup black pepper
1-2 tsp Garlic Powder

(1/16 cup = 1 tablespoon, I left in cups because I usually do in multiples)

Just mix everything by hand to break up the clumps and apply to your meat like any other rub.

* – Got this at Sam’s club a long time ago but haven’t seen there lately, I’d assume any dried and crushed pepper spice mix will work as well.

Development Notes:
When I first made the rub the salt was twice what it is now. The outside of the brisket tasted very salty but the pork wasn’t as bad. It could have been the way the meat was cooking that the rub piled up in one spot on the brisket but for now I’m cutting that in half.

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  • James Motor

    I own a weber bbq and was told that rubs do not have the same potency as the would on a charcoal bbq; is that right? Is there an alternative you could suggest?

  • Richard

    I’m assuming you mean that you have a gas Weber and not a charcoal one.  The rubs themselves aren’t affected by the type of grill used as they are just seasoning on the outside of the meat.  What the person may have meant is that you won’t have the same smokey flavor added to the rub that you would get from other methods but you can actually get some of that with a gas grill.  You can either buy a smoker box for your gas grill that you put chips into or you can make one yourself buy wrapping the chips in aluminum foil and pocking some holes in it to release the smoke.  Will take some experimentation to get the results correct but it should work out well overall.