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Maverick thermistors in hand

October 27th, 2011 | Posted by ripsup in BBQ | Tech

Just got my probes in the mail and hopefully will have a chance this weekend to finish the build. Just need to stop by the local electronics store for a couple resistors and a relay and I should be all set.

Will try to take a bunch of pictures and get things together to make an instructable out of it. Is really just a mashup of a couple projects already done by others but I think will have a couple small twists to it that are worth sharing. Going to be using the Arduino like shown in this setup but not going to use a WiFi shield. Got an old laptop that I’m going to connect everything to handle the web monitor and I’m hoping I can pull off “smoker cam” with a cheap old webcam I have but we will see.

So this forever project is finally going to get somewhere. :)

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