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Finally upgraded comments to Disqus

April 25th, 2011 | Posted by ripsup in Tech

Just a heads up that I finally changed the comment system over to Disqus. Logged in this morning to see if I had any comments I had missed and had 40+ spam on the newest post. Yeah WP caught them but really don’t want to worry as much about false positives and Disqus is pretty good about stopping them.

Next I just need to move this over to my single maintained WP-MU setup.

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  • Walt Thiessen

    I was just noticing that with my site, I’m getting quite a few false positives with DISQUS. Legitimate comments are ending up there. Are you seeing this too?

  • Richard

    I have not had an issue with false positives on the 3 sites I’ve put this on. Actually I haven’t had a single case. Though, I really don’t get a lot of comments so that’s probably a big reason for it. Is it at least asking you to look at them or just completely dropping them without your knowledge?