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Streaming my new bunny live

December 30th, 2008 | Posted by ripsup in Tech

And no he’s not “What’s for Dinner”.

*** UPDATE ***

Well I built him is new 8×5 area to run around in and his old cage is in the middle for him to hang out in, eat and such.  He’s got 4 litter boxes around the outside which he seems to have choosen the one he likes to use but I’m leaving the others because he likes to lay in them.

But what does this mean for the webcam…well pretty much it’s dead for now.  The 2 cams I have are not really that great.  They can’t focus on the whole area he is in so it’s pretty much blurry for a majority of the area.  I had one on the cage area but he lies to hang out more under the cage then in the cage.  He pretty much only goes in the cage to sleep, eat and drink.  So till I got a better camera that could focus on the whole area it’s down.  Don’t expect that anytime in the near future.

*** UPDATE ***

My wonderful wife got me him as a present for christmas.  Her Christmas present was a new camera which she hasn’t taken any pictures off yet.  Then it hit me why not bust out my cheap webcams I picked up a while ago and never used to stream him live on the net.

There was 2 cams in the set so now I think i’ll try to work them into the the cage  :)  Will probably have to put VNC on the box so I can switch the cameras.  Pretty interesting overall though.  May have to tech it out with some hobby servos and such.

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