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Supersmokers in St Louis, MO

October 13th, 2008 | Posted by ripsup in BBQ | Reviews

Had the chance on my way back from Springfield, MO to hit Supersmokers over by St Louis, MO (says St Louis on their website but a Yahoo Maps search seems to say it’s Eureka.)  After finally figuring out where it actually was I went in and the lady behind the counter was very helpful with what they were known for and what to get. Just by looking around you can see they have competed and won a lot (listed here) of different competitions.

The look of the place is perfect, a shack type atmosphere which is exactly what to me is BBQ.  The food I ordered was on the table about 30 seconds after I sat down.  I went through and tried all the sauces and they were each unique compared to each other and tasted great.  They were perfect combinations of spices and seemed to fit the theme.  The Championship sauce was actually the one I liked the least and the Tennessee Original was the sauce I would pick as my favorite.  The pulled pork was cooked perfectly and was delicious.  Not to much rub on it and the had a nice smoke ring on it.  The ribs were the best I have had in a restaurant so far.  They didn’t fall off the bone but were easy to pull apart.  The bark on the outside was well seasoned and very crisp while the meat stayed juicy on the inside.  

The sides I had were also good.  The potato salad was good, but pretty standard.  The jalapeno cornbread was a bit dry for my taste but still good.  

I wish they had a pick 3 option so I could have tried the brisket as well but this just gives me something else to try when I make it back.  The only other issue I had was they had Pepsi and not Coke, but they get credit for just letting you refill your own.

Supersmokers with Steven Raichlen

While looking over the tips page on their website I happened to catch this picture to the right.  Any place that Steven Raichlen will go to has to be quality and really shows that it has to be good.  It says that they have a recipe in his book (which I own all of them) so I will have to check that out when I have a chance.

Overall I give Supersmokers an 8 out of 10 and is by far the best BBQ place I’ve been to yet (which really isn’t that many but I’m trying to increase this whenever possible).  Anyone should give them a try whenever they are in the area.

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  • sylvia

    It’s obvious that you are a good friend with these folks or an owner. At any rate your word is nothing at this point. Just go from Bandana’s to Supersmokers who went belly up thanks to their “good food” and all of a sudden it’s an amazing difference. Please. Get a life.

  • ripsup

    This comment gave me a great laugh. Okay lets start off with things you don’t know. I live in NW Indiana. The only person I have ever met from Supersmokers was the person who took my order. Now if it seemed like it’s crazy that I went from one to the other and there was amazing difference it has to be because you haven’t had them that close to each other. Cause if you did you would realize there is a HUGE difference between the two places. And if you actually read the last review you might have noticed I was traveling in the area for a conference is the reason I hit both in such a short period of time. And if that doesn’t convince you maybe this will.

    This is a post I made on a BBQ Forum looking for suggestions of places to go on my way home. And again someone else agreed with my opinion on both places.

    If I knew the owner wouldn’t I have given the place the 10 out of 10 you gave Bandanas. So the objective reviews are worth nothing but your perfect score without any reasoning is? I think you might want to come back with a better thought out argument against mine. Reading the actual reviews may help with that.

    Now to look at how you found me :) Ah the beauty of the internet. So it seems you were doing this search when you found my site.

    Which thanks for that because I see I am in the top 5 results for that search. But I think it shows you were pretty biased coming in when you are looking for Bandana’s and then go and post reviews on the things that come up. That’s how I found the other people who said “Yuck” to Bandanas because they were link number 8. Overall seems like the internet as a whole has given Bandana’s some pretty bad reviews.

    So maybe it’s not my words that are nothing at this point. :)